The UW Service Center (UWSC) provides payroll and benefits support to the 27 institutions that make up the UW System (13 four-year campuses, 13 two-year campuses and UW-Extension) plus UW System Administration (UWSA). The UWSC provides services to over 12,000 classified and 26,500 unclassified staff, 26,000 student employees, and 2,800 fellow/scholars and research assistants. The annual payroll for the supported organizations is more than $2 billion. The UWSC, along with the UW-Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT), provides and manages the PeopleSoft-based operating system for personnel, payroll and benefit data/processes for the 27 institutions.

The University of Wisconsin Service Center will

  • Serve…the people of the University of Wisconsin System
  • Collaborate…by being supportive and constructive
  • Act with Integrity…always and in all matters

Contacting the UW Service Center

660 W. Washington Ave, Suite 201
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (855) 4UW-SUPP
Fax: (608) 890-2327

UW System Payroll and Benefits Statistics

UW Service Center Statistics graphic
Statistics displayed above are from 2014.